Ich bin in Deutschland!!

Hey people,

So myself and 48 other people are in Deutschland. Our day on Friday started out at 6am as always, but I had gone to bed at around 3am so three hour nap, whoooo. We had a session in the morning for like two hours right before leaving the hotel. We got to the airport and it took us about 2 hours to go through check in and TSA. We had about an hour/ an hour and a half to get food before leaving. I tagged along with Jocelyn and Allish. We all got frozen yogurt and chicken panini’s and post cards for our host family. And then it was time to board.

When we got into Hamburg I was so tired I just couldn’t function at all. So I took a 12 hour rest.

So all of today (Sunday, I started this Saturday afternoon) we were supposed to wake up at 9am, but we woke up at 10am. We had breakfast and then a our last session with Allen. My lunch was at 13.30. But before that we went outside by the skate park and met these two German boys. They were 11 and 9 I believe. We spoke to them in the non-existent German we knew, but they spoke English to us. We played Frisbee with them. Also a little kid, maybe 2 or 3 years old asked me from where I was so I told him. He was such a cutie. We had dinner. and we back outside. I played a little bit of soccer with some CBYXers and some German 20 year olds and 2 German kids. I also tried to communicate with some other German kids, and it did not go well, but I tried. Well it’s late so bed time.

August 13th, 2017 22.35

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