Why did you decide to go on exchange?

Hey people,

So, Why did I decide to go on exchange? Why am I leaving the life that I have been a part of since I was born? First of all, why not, life is already full or risks, what’s one more. First, a little background. This whole exchange journey stared fall of freshman year when I found out about Oxford Royale Academy in the UK. I really wanted to go to the UK becasue of Harry Potter, but when I found out that the program offered scholarships up to 100% of tuition I was estatic, so I applied, later in February found out I didn’t make it to the second stage. Oh well life goes on. And than fall of sophmore year I was looking for a program to study abroad in France for the summer. I was also going to re-apply for ORA, but I was lazy. I was also considering applying for Oxbridge Summer Program for the France program, but again I was lazy. I soon found CIEE French Language and Culture Program with possible full scholarship due to merit and financial need. I applied and got that full scholarship and was on my way to searching flights and planning my summer. But throughout the CIEE process I found this other scholarship CBYX, which is the program I will be participating on in 22 days. The process was all year but hey it was worth the wait I got the scholarship. Now I had also applied for School Year Abroad France and had gotten accepted into the school but I got zero financial aid so I turned that school down. Now I had to decide between CIEE and CBYX because I wasn’t going to be able to attend both, so after talking it out with my parents and school counselors I chose CBYX.

Now I know that didn’t answer the question, but here you go. My youngest sister was diagnosed with cancer (ALL) on Christmas Eve of 2014, and that was just a heartbreaking. To be confined in the hospital during the holiday was just suffocating and stress filled. I would like to say that the feeling of suffocation ended after she was discharged, but it was just the beginning of a long 2 years. For the next two years, we were in and out of the hospital. Being the oldest in my family and the only one who translated for my parents as they don’t speak English, it was stress filled. Missing school to stay at the hospital, or taking care of my other siblings at home it indeed was a roller-coaster. I than wanted to leave I needed a change, so that’s how I started applying to go elsewhere, where I would have some peace away from this “experience”. My sister finished chemotherapy January 2017. But soon after getting these ideas of study abroad they stuck. I could become the first in my family to go abroad, to another scholarship, to learn and speak a new language, to be in a completely and totally different place. So, I became determined to find new places. I also started reading blogs of people who’ve been on study abroad and it was amazing to see them grow as a person through their writing.
I decided to go on exchange because I need a change of location and place from where I currently am. Also, since I was little I always loved to play games that I could imagine I was anywhere in the world. I decided to go on exchange because I want to grow as a person. I decided to go on exchange because I want see what happens elsewhere in the world. I decided to go on exchange because I want a new challenge. I decided to go on exchange because I want to try new foods and speak a new language. I decided to go on exchange because I don’t want to be close minded like a lot of my family. I decided to go on exchange because I want to.


Time Left Until Orientation

Time Left Until Flight Departure

July 17th, 2017 2.49pm




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