AFS- CBYX 100 Days Left

Hey people,
So, 100, When I was a little kid I thought one hundred was such a huge number. Now especially after haven taken Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 Trigonometry and currently taking Precalculus and AP Statistics, one hundred just seems like such a small number. In 100 days, myself and 49 students will be boarding a plane and leaving the United States to go to Germany for about 10/11 months. Within these one hundred days there’s going to be some many lasts. And the scary fact that when I return I’m going to be a Senior applying for college, to start a new part of my life. When I return there’s going to be so many people gone and so many new people. When I return, so many things are going to be changed.  Sure one year(ish) isn’t that long of a time, but the fact is that so much happens in over a year. One hundred days I have left in the US, and even less in New York. I am so ready for all the new experiences, difficulties, a culture different from mine, hearing a brand new language 24/7. So in honor of this date here’s a list of 100 things that I am looking forward to in Germany:
  1. Going on a trans-Atlantic flight for the first time
  2. Ordering my first cup of German coffee
  3. Ordering my first “meal” in German
  4. Getting to know all of the other 49 students with AFS
  5. Meeting my host family (I still don’t know who they are yet)
  6. My first class in German High School
  7. Failing my first test
  8. Passing my first test
  9. Going out with any new found friends
  10. having my first complete German meal
  11. going to see a movie
  12. getting ice cream
  13. Eating German chocolate
  14. visiting AFS friends
  15. finding a Mexican restaurant
  16. having a sleep over
  17. buy a ball gown because why not
  18. film a day in my life for future cbyx’ers
  19. play soccer with people
  20. Visiting Berlin
  21. watch a Harry Potter marathon in German
  22. run half-a-marathon
  23. watch a sunrise
  24. watch a sunset
  25. learn to do a cartwheel
  26. cook my families Mexican-American thanksgiving dinner (aka chipotle turkey and tacos)
  27. see fireworks
  28. go to the Christmas markets (aka Weihnachtsmarkt trying to learn German)
  29. help out with Christmas dinner
  30. Celebrate Christmas
  31. send my family back home their presents
  32. Celebrate the incoming of 2018
  33. try not to get so homesick
  34. visit at least 5 museums
  35. attend a school trip (if offered)
  36. make new friends
  37. understand at least one full day of classes
  38. help the 2018-2019 applicants about the whole experience as a whole
  39. learning about history in a new perspective
  40. seeing the different “street” culture
  41. seeing the different “teen culture”
  42. NEW FOOD
  43. learning German slang
  44. teaching my German peers about my Mexican-American culture
  45. trying not to lose my fluency in Spanish
  46. become more fluent in French
  47. playing a sport as I usually don’t (I’m a tad bit lazy)
  48. maybe babysit (who knows)
  49. attend a church ceremony to make my godparents proud that I keep my religion in focus
  50. try not to get hurt in any way shape or form

Eh I’ve gotten tired about writing aka I have a lot of homework to hand in tomorrow and studying for two AP’s so lets add have the other 50 be things I’m going to miss and “lasts” for at least a year

  1. my friends (shoutout to E, J, C, S, K, etc)
  2. my family ( ily mom, dad, sisters (eh) and my baby bro
  4. my specific bagel shop which I love and care for deeply
  5. my math teacher Ms. Phillips (you’re the best)
  6. speaking Spanish everyday
  7. walking to the Colmena (local store)
  8. seeing people that I’ve known for as long as I can remember
  9. the chips at the YWCA
  10. my really messy top bunk
  11. the pictures that are currently stained in my parents room from my Quince Party
  12. the ever so abundant family parties
  13. celebrating every occasion as big but low key as one possibly can
  14. reading so many books over and over again
  15. telenovelas
  16. the family gossip
  17. the big San Juanito party
  18. my friends quince
  19. my friends sweet sixteens
  20. not being able to drive when I turn 16
  21. my siblings and I’s fights
  22. all the birthday parties
  23. junior prom
  24. watching all the promposals
  25. taking AP’s (sike you would have thought)
  26. Sunrise Day Camp
  27. More Mexican Food
  28. the extremely huge diversity I am surrounded by
  29. Queens
  30. Raspados
  31. hearing Mexican music blasted all the time
  32. funnel cake (idk if German has funnel cake)
  33. esquites
  34. tacos al pastor
  35. tacos de lengua
  36. Nopales
  37. small talk
  38. screened windows (apparently rare to none in Germany)
  39. more Mexican Food
  40. really terrible Chinese food
  41. la 92.7
  42. BBQ’s all the time
  43. frozen chocolate chip waffles
  44. enchiladas
  45. tacos de carnitas
  46. ice cream trucks
  47. my panedero
  48. my señora de elotes
  49. my roof
  50. and especially MEXICAN FOOD

As you can tell from this list, I’m mostly going to miss food, especially any food Mexican related. Bless thee for reading through this list and sorry for the bordeom.

May 3rd, 2017 9.23pm


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