AFS-CBYX Interview Stress

Hey people,

So program number 1 that I applied to. CBYX which stands for Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange. This is an exchange program that was created in 1983 to help strengthen bonds between Germany and the United States. Around 250 American students go to Germany to spend a high school year abroad. The first month in Germany is spent at a language camp, learning German. The next 9-10 months are spent at a German High school. I applied for the 2017-2018 academic school year. That would be my Junior Year of High School. I decided to apply for this program because I want to do something different instead of following a “perfect” high school path. Plus studying in German so incredible.

Now to follow the title. This Saturday, February 11th I have my interview in NYC at the AFS office. I got an email regarding the information of the Interview on January 10th, about a month after the applications were due. I was not worrying about the interview until I realized it was February. I am freaking out, because this interview will be one of the major things that comes into play if I get to spend a year abroad in Germany or not. I’ve been searching through blogs and videos like crazy to be somewhat prepared. At the same time I’m realizing that I should not enter that interview with concrete formulated responses. I want to let my personality show at the interview and not sound like a robot. There is also another worry; what am I going to wear? I bought a dress a week or two ago but I am worried that it is too short or too plain. My wardrobe is all black, so obviously I bought a black dress. It’s cold in New York though, so I might just have to wear dress pants or bear the cold or wear tights under the dress or change when I arrive. Who knows? I’ll post again on Friday night (before the interview) and Saturday night (after the interview). Love you if you stuck until the end. Add me on Facebook or email me if you have any questions, I tend to respond really quickly if it’s sent between 8am-9pm.


February 7th, 2017 10.12pm






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